Welcome to ATRI

ATRI - Abstract & Title Resources, Inc.

Every project has its challenges, but having a group of land service experts who have worked through the active counties, plays and swings of the energy industry can save time, money and countless headaches. Abstract and Title Resources, INC (ATRI). is made up of seasoned professional Landmen and Lawyers who know what to expect and where to save time and money based on their previous experience in the areas that they have worked before. By choosing ATRI, our clients are choosing to hit the ground running and not waste their time attempting to reinvent.

Founded in 2004, ATRI has grown over the years to become one of the most adaptable and versatile firms in the land services industry. We provide the best service possible, and to that end every project begins with a perimeters discussion. We make time at the beginning of a project to understand the priorities, timeframes, staffing needs and goals of our clients. We do this not only to focus our efforts in the field, but also to bring our expertise to the table. At ATRI we efficiently and thoroughly collaborate with our clients to select the best strategy for accomplishing their goals.

We know business priorities can change in an instant, ATRI we offer a broad range of services to handle your ever-changing needs and priorities. Accountability and competence are our greatest strengths.

Our Services

  • In-House Contract Hires
  • Oil, Gas and Mineral Leasing
  • Sovereign to Present Title Runsheets
  • Mineral Acquisition
  • Surface Use Agreements
  • Surface Damage Negotiation
  • Seismic Permitting
  • Right-of-Way and Site Acquisition
  • Title Curative of Any Scope
  • Mineral Ownership Reports
  • Leasehold and Competition Mapping
  • Document Drafting including Pooling…(etc.)
  • Due Diligence Projects
  • Railroad Commission Well/Production Review
  • Eminent Domain Analysis
  • Lease Checks
  • Lien Searches
  • Project Database Organization and Design