ATRI Philosophy

At Abstract & Title Resources, Inc. we pride ourselves on accountability. Getting results on time and within budget are not luxuries, they are necessities in a competitive business environment, and they are at the core of our mission. We are dedicated to providing our clients with superior results and reliable information when they need it.

Cultivating and maintaining relationships is key to our business. Our team of Landmen and Lawyers have been around long enough to know that your reputation can make all the difference when trying to close a deal. The stakeholders we negotiate with today are often the very same people we’ve traded with in the past and we’ll be dealing with again in a few years. We take care to guard our client’s name and reputation when dealing with all stakeholders. We’ll never take shortcuts or tell half-truths to get ahead, whether it be with the landowner, the competition or our clients. Relationships sustain our business and our client’s business more than any one deal ever could.

We are devoted to being transparent with our clients. There are land services companies that have developed a reputation for their mistreatment of their clients’ time, money and information. At ATRI, we believe in honest and ethical behavior in all our endeavors, not only because it will keep our clients well informed and successful, but because those are the values we carry with us as a company and as people.

We are committed to incorporating new technologies into our practice. Technology has changed the way land work is done. The protractors and Allen scales have been replaced by sophisticated spatial software, information can be separated, sorted and applied in ever-changing ways and family histories are no longer locked away in one relative’s attic. These advances which are now seen as vital were once considered land work job killers. We take the long view at ATRI and we actively work to implement new efficiencies that can save our clients time and money.

  • Timely
  • Accurate
  • Detailed
  • Ethical